About Us

We Supply mixed bird seeds for different types of spicies of birds to all over India.

We are sister concern of A2Z Petsmania.

When it comes to types of bird seed, you'll find plenty. How do you decide on which is the best?

At A2Z Petsmania food, we will help you understand what is available and what birds will be attracted to the various varieties.You'll notice that there is some overlaping of seed to birds. Knowing what individual species like will take the guess work out of what you want to offer in your bird feeders.

The different products for the birds offered by us are high in quality. A2Z Petsmania food is one of the renowned bird food store that offers bird lovers with the branded products. The birds welcome all with melody in the morning and provided a great relaxation after a hectic day in the evening. They always delight the heart of the people around with their innocent song, and what they need in return is only love, care and concern.